Making an impact and difference in this world is Lencola Sullivan’s passion.  A dynamic motivational speaker, she combines her vocal talents together with her energetic presentation style to provide a captivating experience for the audience.  is a trailblazer from the runway to the performing and dramatic arts.  Her goal is to transform lives by sharing powerful inspiration and empowering messages that will motivate participants to achieve their best.  Giving back is her life’s mission and she does so through coaching and mentoring.

Empowering Women
It is my desire to empower women around the globe.  Last year there were 3 incidents that inspired me to take action.
1. Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban because she fought for girls rights to get an education. Last year she became the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner.
2. The documentary “Girl Rising” which followed 9 unforgettable girls in various countries who overcome nearly impossible odds to pursue their dreams.
3. The horrific kidnapping of over 275 school girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria.




Social Entrepreneur

  Lencola Sullivan

"As a man thinketh, so is he .."  or in other words,

You can become what you think about!

It's my life's work to unveil the connecting emotions and feelings and lead my audience to a new a new freedom.  I hope to inspire you, so your spirit can take wings and soar to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights.  

Love & Blessings


Amsterdam, August 20, 2016
Google HQ, Keynote speech on The Runway to Success; Inspiration, Motivation and Ambition. 

Amsterdam June 26,  2016  Speech on empowering women and female entrepreneurship at the Cultural Association of Sierra Leone.

Rotterdam, May 2017
Zadkine College: motivational speech on diversity and self empowerement. 

Arkansas - USA,  February 2017 

Central Baptist College Keynote speech on Black History Month

CEO luncheon Keynote speech on Leadership, Diversity and Goal setting.

Conway - Arkansas - USA,  June 2017 

Chamber of Commerce  Leadership Training for women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Speaking Events

London, October 22/23, 2016
Conference speaker: Diversity and Inclusion,  Gender differences in the workplace.

Rome, Italy, April 2016
Conference: motivational speech on diversity of income. 

Groningen, November 7, 2016  Keynote speech at Hanze University about Leadership, Diversity and Goal setting.

The Hague, May 12,  2016 
TEDx Event: Moderator and Speaker on Empowering Women.

Groningen, June 12, 2016  Keynote speaker:  Diversity and Inclusion, "Why it is important and what does it mean to you"?