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Is your club in need of new sport facilities, new instruments or new uniforms?  Does your church want to build a new building or reconstruct the present one, please contact us to help you.

Other Fundraising Options

Community Help,  the alternative for a job

The Pageant Fundraiser

As a former Miss Arkansas and runner up Miss America, I help contestants to raise funds to cover the pageant cost and to promote their platform issues. To win a title and crown takes determination, hard work, perseverance, courage and money.

As a former contestant winner, I know personally how much money it can cost to enter a pageant. You can incur cost that include: Entry fee for the pageant, fee for the charity the pageant sponsors, fundraiser to buy an ad for the program book, clothing for competition (talent, evening gown, swimsuit, interview, etc.), training/coaching to prepare for competition (talent, interview, fitness, etc.), etc., etc.

These expenses can be overwhelming for contestants and parents. The Pageant Fundraiser helps to raise funds to cover the expenses you will face as you prepare to enter a pageant. We assist contestants of all ages. We can also assist in raising funds to promote a contestant's platform issue. Organizing a fundraiser for a charity is a great way to make a difference and impact in the community. It is also good for your own personal development as it increases your self esteem and confidence when you help others.


So often we see that in a lot of countries all over the world, young people get a good education and are well trained  for a JOB, but
leaving school or university, these jobs are not available for them. Sometimes it is the economy that pressures the job market,
sometimes it is geography that limits students to move to the place of the opportunity, or any other reason thinkable. The result is that
well educated young people cannot find a job to start a career and cannot create an income to start a family. 


I am a true promoter of diversity of income and advise students and young adults to spread their income streams and create at least ONE
income stream that you can INFLUENCE YOURSELF.  We developed a business model that is accessible for almost everybody (no age limitations) and not depending on a certain type of background or education. Even while looking for that ideal job, you can use this business model and create an alternative income on a part-time base, working from home.  This way it is possible to enhance your standard of living and offer the alternative for a job to community members.

Contact us to learn more about this amazing opportunity, no matter what age you have or what type of education, we’re here to help.  Please send an email to: or send a message via our contact page. We hope to hear from you.
Additionally, it shows leadership qualities which is a positive extracurricularactivity that can go onyour CV.  The Pageant Fundraiser feels honored to help youngwomen reach their goal. If you are interested in learning how to raise funds tocompete or for your platform issue, please e-mail me at:

Lencola Sullivan

Lencola Sullivan offers a proven fundraising model for sport clubs, churches, foundations, sororities, fraternities and other non-profit organizations.  We've helped many organizations and look forward to helping you too!